As a State Certificate General contractor we provide complete contracting services. We can provide a bid for your project from your plans and specifications. Our extensive date base of vendors and suppliers provides us with a competitive edge, our experience, knowledge and staff provides you, the client, with the best possible results ON TIME AND BUDGET.






Construction Management is a professional service for the client who needs someone to handle the day to day activities prior to and during the actual construction process. This service applies effective management processes for the purpose of controlling the actual costs, the time and the quality of the end project. This service can be undertaken in two specific management approaches.

•Construction Management (CM):
In this delivery method the CM acts as your principal agent to administer and advise and/or manage the project from inception to final completion. Under this process CM acts as a manager to the client and does not directly contract with contractors or procure materials for the project. This process is typically used when a client has a limited need for management services.

•Construction Management at Risk (CMR):
In this delivery method the CMR acts as your principal agent to advise and provide constructability reviews, budgets & costs control analysis, scheduling, development of the final budget as a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). In this process the CMR will also directly contract and manage all construction activities.





This service provides a one stop shop turnkey process for client's who have a project or development. Bring us your project and we will handle the entire process. As part of your team, we help you work through the process and handle all requirement of the project from inception to final completion.

This service provides investigation of a property, so that a client can make critical decisions whether to move forward on a project. These services can include meetings with local and state officials, environmental regulators, property owner's and or their representatives, utilities, local and state planning officials. In addition we also provide coordination of environmental assessments, subsurface investigations, engineering evaluation and reporting.

We provide Pre-Construction Services specifically tailored to meet the client's requirements. Services include initial review of proposed projects, site planning, project phasing, construct ability review, preliminary cost estimating, value engineering and design coordination. Up front analysis is key to a project's success, as it provides a valuable asset for a client to make critical decisions early in the process.


PB Builders provides a wide range of professional and construction services to public and private clients.
 Through the years, we have gained valuable experience on various types of projects. Our experience is broad based and includes all types of Commercial and Fine Residential projects.
 We place emphasis on placing the right staff in the right place or given projects in order to provide to best result possible to our clients.
 Most recently, our primary focus have been on Aviation, Commercial and Fine Residential projects.